Colorist Design Portfolio-Wynonna Kirk

Key Scene 1- Wren the Bowman
Key Scene 2-Wren the Bowman
Key Scene 3-Wren the Bowman
Key Scene 4-Wren the Bowman
Key Scene 5- Wren the Bowman
color script 1st pass-Wren the Bowman
finalized colorscipt-Wren the Bowman
BG for my Labyrinth Redesign project
Bg painting for Eyvind Earle style assignment
Bg painting for Eyvind Earle style assignment- night
Key Scene 1 for Redesign of Stardust
Keystone 2 for Stardust
stardust colorscript
Key Scene for a personal project
Fosters Style Background
Key scene for the Girls Who Got Away